Data Obfuscation for Legal Apps

Unique & Innovative Data obfuscation solution for Legal industry

Why use InfoMist?

Protect highly confidential and sensitive data from exposure in non-production environments to support training and regulatory client facing data. InfoMist applies persistent data masking which anonymises sensitive data via data masking. As a result, the firm can safely use de-sensitive data in development, testing, data warehouses, analytical data stores and reporting system

Data Masking Features


✓ One and only solution for Legal industry ✓ Easy to create masking template for in-house and bespoke products ✓ DevOps automation using Puppet and supports other DevOps tools ✓ Out of the box masking templates for Intapp products – Time, Walls, Open and Flow ✓ Secure Finance data by masking Elite 3E – standard template shipped with the product ✓ Mask Consistently

Why choose InfoMist?

✓ Enterprise scale performance and scalability ✓ Meet GDPR compliance ✓ New templates released to align with vendor product upgrades ✓ Unlimited masking irrespective of database count or size ✓ Multiple masking techniques including custom XML ✓ Built for Legal industry by incorporating best practices from Legal, Banking, Financial and Retail industry. ✓ Supports masking of on-premise and cloud SQL Server databases. ✓ Command line masking feature to support end to end automation of database cloning, masking and deployment.

Unlimited Upgrades

Upgrades included for free in support subscription

Easy to Use

Preview Before & After masking the data

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Feature Rich. No bloat.

Benefits of using InfoMist


Choice of Command line and GUI execution

Secure solution for Legal industry

Free Update to templates

Easy to Install & Maintain

DevOps automation using command line feature

"It's so convenient - makes it easy to mask data - InfoMist is my new favorite app!"
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Built from the ground up for Legal Industry

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